Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So much has happened!

OK first thing...

Since our last post, we took our rental car (a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan) on our drive to MA and NH to attend Grandma's 90th birthday party. It was a surprise and she was shocked to see us all there. Donovan did well with everyone and while a little cranky, and a slight fever, he did well. It was fun to see everyone and it was a nice day.


You would never tell from these photos but Donovan was quite ill. When we left the party, he started coughing and then wheezing badly. His fever went up again and when we couldn't get it back down, we took him to the local emergency room in NH. After a LONG night they figured he had croup and an ear infection and admitted him. He stayed for 3 days until the wheezing was more under control. ON top of that, he also got bronchiolitis. Poor little guy!! We had to give him nebulizer treatments for about a week and he hated it but in the end, he tolerated them better... even played a bit. We are so glad he is better now though!!


Anyway, as I said earlier, on our trip we had a rental because of my car accident. We drove a minivan (nicknamed the monstermobile) and... sad to admit I LOVED it so...we got our own! Had my car back from the shop for ONE day before we traded it in for this:


A 2011 Toyota Sienna Sport Edition. I love it even more than the Dodge. It drives great, is sporty looking (well as sporty as a minivan can look) and I LOVE it. It has a backup camera, XM, all the doors are power... 
yeah it rocks.

We've been kind of laying low since we've been back from our trip. Donovan had MANY doctor visits after the ordeal and we have just been letting him get better. We'll be taking a trip the end of the month to North Carolina and my business has been picking up so I have some photo shoots in the near future which is great!  We're looking forward to summer and being outdoors with Donovan as much as possible! We even got him a little kiddie pool for the backyard and are looking at getting him a little swingset  for his birthday :)

Here are some more photos from the past few weeks: