Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Forget the 6-12 we mentioned in the last post - we got 20 inches of snow!!! Talk about crazy. The news here labeled it Snowpocalypse 2009. It was a record breaking storm for DC - the most snow in a single storm in December ever on record. That happened on Saturday... it is now Wednesday and our street could still be better. The streets are still so bad that there is no school here at all this week. Our intersection to the main road is plowed like a driveway - single lane style and most of our street is like that too. We have yet to take Donovan out in the snow. We kept meaning to take him out in his little snowsuit but it never happened. However, here are some photos from the storm - enjoy!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Picture People Adventure

Donovan turned 3 months old and we took him for portraits at The Picture People. He was quite the little ham and really made it very hard for us to pick photos to buy. He was so cooperative and happy and really got to show off his sitting skills. Annee held him a little bit under the cover but only supported his lower back, he did the rest all on his own! He really is an amazing little guy. Here are some of his shots:

After his solo shots, we got a few family shots:

We had fun and we really enjoyed getting our photos taken as a family - our first professional family portraits! We can't believe Donovan is already 3 months old and he is doing so much and growing every day. He is about 16 pounds now and he can sit up fairly well already. When we are out and about people can not believe he is only 3 months old as he looks and acts so much older. His newest obsession is babbling constantly. He just has so much to say and is ready to say it! Every once in a while he babbles something that sounds exactly like Hi... maybe because Annee says it to him all the time? We're not sure but it comes out clear as day when he does it.

That's all for now but look for a post this weekend as we are supposedly getting 6-12 inches of snow and may have some new cute pics and stories to share!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Welcome to the Olden Family Blog!

Welcome friends and family! We decided to move from our previous site at to this one and we are glad to have you here so we can share our lives with those who are not close by. Things are always hectic and we feel like we are always on the go. Donovan is such a happy baby - we are truly blessed. To see pictures and posts from before he was born and the first few months, please visit the previous site!

We found that Donovan is a mostly good traveler. For Thanksgiving, we traveled from DC to South Carolina to spend the holidays with the Olden clan. We were in Columbia for Thanksgiving and then traveled to Myrtle Beach for the remainder of the long weekend. Annee was very excited about this trip as she had never been to SC before. Thanksgiving was terrific and we had a nice time seeing everyone. Myrtle Beach was a lot of fun and we had a terrific view of the beach from our hotel suite. Donovan seemed to enjoy himself and spent one evening with Nana, PopPop and Auntie Heather while mom and dad got a night out alone. Below are some photos from our trip:

We've been on the go since returning home. Donovan and Annee still attend Gymboree two times a week as well as other Mommy and Me events around town. Donovan is very social and loves being around people. He is all smiles and can be a little ham. He is now 3 months old (15 pounds and 24 inches!) and we can't believe how much he's growing every day - we think he may even be teething! December brought a new first as Donovan got his first haircut given by Mommy. He is learning how to use his hands and is starting to grasp toys and learning that he can hit things and make them move. He is also sitting up very well already! He needs some support to keep from tipping over but nothing more than that. He loves to sit up and see everything that's going on - he's a very nosey (or curious) little boy. We are working on tummy time but he hates it as he can not see very much from that position, he'd rather sit.

He interacts with us so much and his little personality is shining through - he is a very laid back baby and we feel very lucky to have him in our lives. We can barely remember what it was like before him! We look forward to Christmas and taking the trip up to Boston so Donovan can meet all the Covino's!