Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Picture People Adventure

Donovan turned 3 months old and we took him for portraits at The Picture People. He was quite the little ham and really made it very hard for us to pick photos to buy. He was so cooperative and happy and really got to show off his sitting skills. Annee held him a little bit under the cover but only supported his lower back, he did the rest all on his own! He really is an amazing little guy. Here are some of his shots:

After his solo shots, we got a few family shots:

We had fun and we really enjoyed getting our photos taken as a family - our first professional family portraits! We can't believe Donovan is already 3 months old and he is doing so much and growing every day. He is about 16 pounds now and he can sit up fairly well already. When we are out and about people can not believe he is only 3 months old as he looks and acts so much older. His newest obsession is babbling constantly. He just has so much to say and is ready to say it! Every once in a while he babbles something that sounds exactly like Hi... maybe because Annee says it to him all the time? We're not sure but it comes out clear as day when he does it.

That's all for now but look for a post this weekend as we are supposedly getting 6-12 inches of snow and may have some new cute pics and stories to share!

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