Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We have a full blown crawler!

Donovan is now 9 months old and with that came - crawling. No more rest for Mommy and Daddy as we are constantly running around after the little man as he explores EVERYTHING he can! He does a cure crawl, one foot, one knee thing. See the short video below:

He can also pull himself up and even walk when holding onto to furniture or us. I think he'll be walking by his first birthday for sure! Check him out:

We've had a busy month and are amazed everyday by all the new things he does and how fast he's growing. He says a few words now, but never on command. He says MaMa, DaDo (yep, dado, not dada), Wow, Hi, Yeah and Oh. He says Oh and Wow a LOT when he's studying toys or other things. I keep trying to get this on video but so far, no go. He sees the camera and smiles - my little ham... NO clue WHY he would know what a camera is. LOL

We spent the holiday weekend down in NC visiting Nana, PopPop and Auntie Heather. Donovan had fun and we even got to go swimming at the pool. Child LOVES to swim with his Mama.

This week we are up north. Donovan's Great-Gram (Annee's grandma) is in the hospital and we've come to pay her a visit. While it's nice to see everyone, we wish it were happier circumstances.

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