Monday, November 29, 2010

Let the Temper Tantrums Begin!

I wasn't expecting it to start so soon but... let the temper tantrums begin! And I mean full on, all out, scream, cry (no tears) tantrums. They can strike at any moment and happen over the smallest things. The other night he threw one simply because a toy would not do what he wanted it to do. Have we entered the terrible 2's a bit early???

On our trip back from Thanksgiving, we stopped halfway through to get food. When trying to get Donovan back in the car, he started a tantrum. Arched his back and straightened all limbs in an effort to NOT get strapped back in the car seat. He then yelled and fake cried off and on for over an HOUR. We have had tantrums over food, over the word "no".... really over everything.

I do wonder how long this will last. I also wonder if I'll have any hair left by the time it does.

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