Wednesday, January 27, 2010

4 months going on 5

Amazing things have been going on since we last posted. January 8th marked Donovan's 4th month in this world and we just can't get enough of his cute little smile! We feel like he has grown leaps and bounds since Christmas and has started mastering a whole new set of skills. Our biggest new skill is this:

That's right! He is sitting without support! While he can't seem to do it for very long, this is a HUGE milestone and we are so proud of our little guy. A few other new skills include grasping objects and passing them from one hand to another, actually getting held objects into his mouth where he wants them and doing a bit more tummy time (he has even rolled over a few times). Donovan can also stand with support. If you hold his hands he will push up with his legs to a standing position! We are wondering, with the dislike of being on his tummy, if he may skip crawling and go straight to walking.

Every day brings a new set of surprises and we love watching him learn and discover new things. However, we are not fans of this teething thing and are hoping that the crankiness dies down soon. :)

Here are some new photos from the past month.

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