Friday, February 12, 2010

Visit to New England

Donovan and Annee went to visit her family up in New England. They left January 31st and were supposed to return February 6th. Then, the second massive snowstorm to hit the mid atlantic this winter meant they stayed so they wouldn't drive in the storm. They then decided to leave Monday the 8th (Donovan's 5th month in the world!) but with another snowstorm approaching and clean up from storm #1 not cleaned up... they waited. Now, February 12th.... they are still in New England... waiting. Hopefully returning Saturday, February 13th.

Before they left for New England, they spent some quality time with Grandma in Rockville.
Once in New England, they started visiting friends and family. First was a great spur of the moment visit to see Robyn, Ben and the kids ( It was great to see them after 2 long years! Donovan and their youngest, Cole, are only about 4 months apart in age. We spent some time together and had dinner with Robyn's parents. It was a wonderful evening.
Donovan and Annee had a nice sushi dinner with Grammy at Annee's favorite sushi place in Burlington, MA - Bamboo. A day or two after that Donovan had to get ready to meet his great grandma Nancy so Grandpa helped Annee give him a bath:
Annee and Donovan met up with Grammy, had lunch and traveled to Hopedale to visit Great Grandma Nancy for the first time. We think she had a great time meeting him and we had a very nice visit there. He was very tired by the time we were done with our day though and slept all the way back to Grammy's and then on back to Grandpa and Mammy's.
After that were visits from Mammy's grandchildren (they LOVED Donovan), Superbowl Sunday and Uncle Mike and Aunt Diane's and poor Donovan got his first cold! Annee and Donovan both came down with a cold in week 2 of their visit so laid low for a good portion of week 2. In that time, Annee learned how to knit a hat and made one for Donovan. Today they are ending their trip with one more trip to see Grammy and have farewell dinner number 2 with Grandpa and Mammy. There was a lot of other fun on the trip including a LOT of wine drinking and card playing. It was a fun 2 weeks but Annee and Donovan miss Stephen and are VERY ready to return home. Here are a few more photos from the trip and hopefully the next post will be written from a very snowy DC (almost 60 inches!)!

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