Wednesday, March 10, 2010

6 months old!

Look who is already half a year old! We can not believe it... seems like he was born yesterday and yet, he's already halfway to being a year old. This month has brought some new milestones. Donovan can stand on his own (albeit only for a few seconds), he is eating a few more solids and is trying with all his might to be a mover. He started swimming class and has moved up to a new level at Gymboree! He even got a chance to play outside with Annee a few days in the nice weather.

Donovan seems to love swim class. He looks a little shell shocked sometimes but smiles and splashes the water... he even blew some bubbles. He has two swimsuits and here he is lounging in one before our class this past Monday.
We think he'll be a real mover soon as we are now in level 2 at Gymboree. He is now one of the youngest babies in class and is watching all the other babies. Watching and taking everything in, as he always does, he'll be learning how to scoot or crawl in no time. Level 2 is a lot more tiring and he falls asleep for a good part of the afternoon when we get home.

That's about all for now. Here are some recent photos...

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