Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Park, The Zoo and a Playdate

March has been a been a busy month for Donovan. Along with swimming and Gymboree he has been a few new places. Annee took Donovan to the park to check out the slides and big kid swings. It was nice to have the park all to ourselves since it was midday and midweek. He seemed to enjoy it although there was a lot to look at so he had a lot of distractions :)


Annee and Donovan also spent one of the nice, warm, sunny days at the National Zoo. Another nice trip as it's not very crowded there when school is still in session. Donovan stared at the animals and even seemed a bit wary of the Orangutan. It was a great workout for Annee who had to push Donovan up the massive hills there!


Today, Donovan and Annee got together with Melissa and her daughter Remy. Donovan and Remy met back in October in Gymboree and we have often referred to Remy as his little girlfriend. They seem to like playing together and had a fun afternoon at the park.


In other news this month... Donovan had his 6 month well visit and now weighs 19 pounds and is 25.5 (or 26 depending on who measured him) inches long. He was a trooper for his shots and everything else looks good. We were given the OK to start trying meats with him and start a few more finger foods. He likes the Gerber puffs and rice cereal (like rice crispies). He has also chewed on some pizza crust with great enthusiasm. We also have given him banana chunks and big pieces of carrot to suck on. He is slowly mastering holding his own bottle and has even given a sippy cup a try a few times. He is learning new things everyday and is growing so fast. Hard to believe he'll be 7 months old soon. He has no teeth yet but he is definitely getting close as we can see clear lines along his bottom gums (that and he's been more fussy than normal).

Here are some other photos from the past few weeks:


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