Friday, April 16, 2010

Our New Favorite Skill

Things have been busy here in the Olden household. Donovan is crawling (well... backwards) and he has learned to pull himself up to a standing position and now, that's all he wants to do! He wants to stand so often that in Gymboree he had no interest in any of the activities... he just wanted to stand. We are so proud of him and he looks so proud of himself when he's doing it.


We've been outside in the nice weather quite a bit and Donovan loves sitting outside to play. He has also been to the National Aquarium in DC (was a disappointment to Mommy!) and been to the National Mall to see the Cherry Blossoms. He has tried a lot of new foods and enjoys chewing on Gerber Biscuits. He has also tried chicken (which he likes) and lamb (which he's not too sure about yet). We can't believe he's already 7 months old (I know - we say this every month) he just keeps surprising us, and making us smile, everyday. He is now officially closer to 1 than to a newborn which is both exciting and a little sad - he's growing so fast!!!


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  1. Hi- Found you through NoVaMommies. I love your blog and your little guy is just so adorable - totally reminds me of my own little guy just 18 mos ago. :) Congratulations on such a beautiful family and I hope to meet you IRL one day at a Mommy event.