Thursday, September 30, 2010

HGTV here we come!

Big haps in the Olden household this week. We are officially going to be featured on an episode of Real Estate Intervention on HGTV (Tuesdays: 9:30pm). We'll get real estate advice from some experts and rooms redone by Sabrina Soto and her design team. It'll be a surprise so we will be banished from our home for 2 days and we have no idea what rooms will be renovated. We're excited about participating on the show and we plan on hosting an open house right after everything is done. Hopefully the redesign will get more people in and looking at our home - ideally we'll get an offer! If nothing else, it'll be fun to participate in a TV show and get some rooms redone and some new furniture. We start taping on Tuesday and we'll blog about the process and what everything is like, good and bad.

The other big news is that I started working again this week. I am going through training for teaching online college classes... it's amazing how many people just have no clue how to navigate a web site. I am also going to be teaching art on Saturday mornings for Gymboree Play and Music. The best part about that is Gymboree will now be FREE for Donovan and any other children we have. No bad for a few hours of work once a week!

In Donovan news... we had his 1 year appointment this week. He is now 22 pounds and 28 inches tall! He runs everywhere and is pretty much non stop all day long. He has learned how to play peek a boo with the curtains and this game entertains him for a looooong time. He's so cute when he does it because he laughs, smiles and seems so proud of himself. He babble talks a lot but is mostly our little observer. He likes to just watch and take everything in. He is also very smart. He can look at things and study them... figuring out how they work and how to make them do what he wants them to do. Last week he managed to arrange things in the living room so he could climb onto a table. I watched him study and problem solve - it was kind of awesome until I realized he's too smart and is truly keeping me on my toes everyday! He is doing things so much quicker now and learning so fast...

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