Monday, January 10, 2011

15 Month Dr Appointment...

Well, really, 16 month. Donovan was a trooper with his FOUR shots! I felt horrible when he screamed and I literally had to hold the upper half of him down by gently laying on him to keep him still - poor little guy!

To backtrack a bit, he did excellent with the doctor. Showed him that he knew how to hi-five, say hi and showed his knowledge of where his toes are. Was all smiles and his normal busy self. He is on track with his speech, the doctor thinks his teeth will pop through at any moment and is showing all the signs of being a normal happy toddler. He weighed in at 23.4 pounds (about the same as last time) and has grown a whopping 1.5 inches and now stands 29.5 inches tall!

So, when the doctor was done, we had to wait for the nurse to come in and give him his shots. She came in and Donovan gave me a worried look. He then ran over to where his shoes and socks were, took them down, sat down and placed them on top of his feet! He then looked at me as if to say - time to go Mom! It was even funnier since he was only in a diaper. And, it is SO CUTE that he literally places the shoes and socks on TOP of his feet. He knows where they go but has no clue how to get them on :)

He cried loudly during his shots and for about 5 minutes after. After that, he was all smiles again and flirting with the staff. I decided to treat him to a Happy Meal for being such a brave boy.

His next appointment is March 14th! Hopefully we won't need FOUR shots again on that visit!

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