Friday, January 14, 2011

He took a bath!!!

While the above statement may seem a tad ridiculous when referring to a one year old - it made us ecstatic last night. After almost 2 weeks of screaming, tears and a refusal to sit (or even go into the bathroom) last night we had a breakthrough. I filled the tub, undressed Donovan and let him walk in there on his own. We got to the tub and I let him look in and I splashed the water a bit. He grabbed onto me at first but became interested in the splashing. When I thought he would be OK I picked him up and put him, standing, into the tub. He cried and clung to me for a few minutes but after Stephen and I splashed a bit he calmed down. I did not force him to try to sit or even really wash him. No water over the head or soap on the face. Last night was just about getting over the sudden fear of the water. We let him play. He went from watching us splash to joining in... each time getting lower and lower to the water. After a good 15 minutes, he forgot where he was and sat down! He looked shocked at first but once he realized it wasn't so bad.... he played some more. When asked if he was ready to get out... he said no.

While we're not sure if this fear is over, or what even started it in the first place, it was a step in the right direction. We'll do another free time bath again this weekend and every other day until he gets in and sits right away. Here's hoping we are returning to the happy fun bath time Donovan use to love!

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