Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back to life...

Back to reality...

Stephen went back to work today and thus starts our back to reality via 2011. I took care of Donovan and went grocery shopping, the normal everyday humdrum of life.

Donovan is getting more and more vocal but still not so many words. He says sounds that I think are words so I answer accordingly. For example... we went to Toys R Us today to return a duplicate gift and get a new one. I was thinking of getting him some sort of Little People toy. I took the cart to that row and showed the toy to Donovan... he turned away and said no. Then I thought of his favorite cartoon (next to Mickey Mouse) and headed over to the toy trains. I picked up a Chuggington starter kit and I swear he said "I like it!" when he was holding the box. Since he wouldn't give the box back to me... that was the gift he got. He played with it all afternoon so I guess it was a hit! He said the "I like it" sounds over and over. He seems to be trying to talk but he babbles more than it seems he is trying to form actual words.

While I do enjoy the babbling and love hearing him learn to talk - sometimes I do wish he would just talk already! When he wants to eat or drink he basically whines or yells and goes over to the fridge or pantry. It's an annoying noise and I do wish he's just tell me what he wants. Of course, I am sure you'll all hear me say I wish he'd stop once he does talk and asks me Why about a gazillion times :)

The rest of our day was rather bland. I am sick and not feeling so hot which means we just kind of sat and played quietly while we were home... no chasing games today. Brooke will be home soon which truly means everything will be back to normal.

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  1. Oh, the grunts and whines before the words come are SO frustrating, I totally remember those days. At the same time it's so cool to watch them learn to communicate. Just you wait, the words will come on like an avalanche some day.