Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cell phones and driving do NOT mix!!!

Donovan and I were in a car accident today. WE ARE BOTH OK. I was very shaken for a few hours after though.

I was driving down the road and a car (guy on his cell) swerved into my lane. I reacted without looking and slammed the side of my car into one of those yellow concrete parking lot poles (WHAT is the purpose of those dumbass things?!?!!?)

The front passengers side door needs to be replaced (it can't even open) and the back passenger door will need to be banged out and repainted. I am hoping they don't tell us we can't use Donovan's car seat anymore although, luckily, it's the infant carrier which is about to be retired for him.

One nice thing is that we have awesome insurance. I am taking the car to a Progressive Conseirge Service Center on Monday. I'll drive my car in, they'll assess the damage, repair it and my rental will even be waiting for me! They'll be giving me a rental that is the same car I already drive - which is awesome. When the car is done they'll call and tell me to come get it and I leave the rental there with them. Hooray! I am all about the one stop shopping, repair, etc as that is SO MUCH EASIER with Donovan in tow. 

My poor car :-(


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