Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sippy Cups and Such

OK so... we've been trying to master the sippy cup. It's not working as well as we'd like. Donovan prefers to chew on it and has not yet figured out he needs to suck on it. So he looks like this while he tries to drink:


At least he looks happy! We'll keep trying but who knows what will happen and how long it'll take. We've tried every trainer sippy we could find so far! I figure it's a skill he'll just pick up at some point. That's how he figured out how to mash food with his gums... I mean, I didn't show him how to do that... one day he just did it! Now he is a gerber puffy and biscuit fool. As soon as he sees the containers for those things his little legs start going crazy and he gets all excited. Since he has figured out the mashing, I have also given him some small banana pieces to try as well... he loves that too! I am nervous about choking though and wonder how small I should make the pieces... pea sized right? Here he is after enjoying some puffs and a biscuit:

Clean up these days is tons of fun... I think we'll be needing more frequent baths!! He'll love that as he LOVES bathtime. Especially now that he figured out he can splash Mommy and Daddy in the process! :)

As for Stephen and I... we're doing well. Stephen lets me sleep in every weekend which is awesome and  I have been trying to get the house clean and get dinner made as many nights as possible. Things are starting to get easier now that Donovan has a routine and I feel more rested. We've been talking about another baby and perhaps we'll start trying again soon - who knows :)

Brooke is good - she'll be 2 in July and has apparently entered her annoying phase of puppydom. is she even still a puppy? She's gotten more needy and more of an attention hog but that may be due to the increased attention paid to Donovan as he is doing so much more these days. she's jealous. However... she LOVES to play with Donovan and he loves her to pieces. He laughs and laughs when they play. Here are some pictures of them playing:


Not too much going on here. I have started a Mommy Video Blog so feel free to check that out here:  Not sure why... just seemed like fun.
I also started a photography business and you can see that here: I am hoping to build up a good local business with this and already have a few bookings for my services!

The last photo I'll leave you with tonight is on Donovan in his new big boy pajamas... he is just too cute in them!

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