Friday, April 23, 2010

Playdate with the "Girlfriend"

Yesterday, Donovan had a playdate with Remy, his little girlfriend. He met Remy through Gymboree and she is about a month older than he is. They squeal when they see each other and hold hands, play and steal binkies from each other. We had a lot of fun... Melissa and I went out to lunch first and then we took the kiddos to the park (well, we had to find a park but the one we found was pretty awesome!)

Once there I took a lot of photos of them. Not only for us to have but to work on promoting my new photography business ( Thanks to them and for my great gift idea:

I already have FOUR booking for my services!! I am so excited and really feel like this business venture could actually take off and grow into something. Mom and Dad... happy I am using that photography degree you paid for??? :-)

Here are some of the photos from the playdate, look in our Picasa album to see them all!


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